Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Ka Rawe!

Congratulations Amy and Alex for receiving the merit certificates at last week's assembly. Keep reaching for those learning goals! 

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Pizza Lunch!

It was a great day to be in Room 22 today!  Mr Findlay delivered our pizza lunch prize that we won for raising the most amount of money in our Pak Heights math-a-thon.
Ka pai ki ratou te kai reka!  We love delicious food!
Kia ora to the PTA for delivering our lunch, and tino pai tamariki ma for all your mahi. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Calendar Art

Miss Hawe has been in our class helping us with our calendar art this week. We are working on perspective and colour blending.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Book Parade

It's our last day of Book Week and it's time to dress up. We have a range of playful and fun costumes to celebrate what has been an epic week of activities. Keep up all the reading everyone!

Sunday, 19 August 2018

It's Book Week again!

It's Book Week again, and in the senior school we are holding an online scavenger hunt. We have chosen our favourite books and written clues about them. You can read our clues and try and guess which book we are describing. Post your guesses and ideas in the comments section. We will reveal the correct answers on Friday. Good luck!

Clues for Book One:

I teach people a lesson
My main character is a young girl
I am a fairytale
I was written for children around 1-7 years old
My main character is looking for the perfect fit

Clues for Book Two:

I am suitable for children ages 8-15
I am a fiction novel
One character creates confectionary
It holds an important message
by Connor, Shayne, Emily, Ranvir and Rysten

Clues for book three:

I am a picture book
I contain a scary character
I have simple sentences
I am set in the woods
One of my characters holds an axe

Clues for book Four:

I am a novel
I am read at ages 7+
I am really funny
My pages look like a diary
My characters are just a simple sketch
There are movies made about me

By Juanita,Jeremyah,Amy,Kauther and Maia

Clues for book five:

My main character is an animal who eats bananas
The other character wears a yellow hat
I am a old colorful picture book
I was made into a cartoon
I am set in the busy city

Clues for Book Six:

I have a message, don´t judge a book by its cover
I am a chapter book
I have a famous movie
I am set in a giant land and England
I have two main characters one of them is human
My author is dead

By Luka, Matthew,Gabrielle and Sehansa

Clues for Book Seven:

I am a colourful picture book
My main character is vain 
I am a popular book
I have short sentences
I have an important message of friendship
I am set in the ocean

Clues for Book Eight:

I am a picture book
My scene is set in the forest
I have short sentences
I am a popular book
My main character is a beast
I am a tongue twister
I am a funny book

By Damon, Satch, Naadirah and Rumela

Clues for Book Nine:

I am a picture book
My characters are children who do some naughty things
I have rhyming words in my story
My main character is a crazy animal with a tail and a big hat
I have a very famous author

Clues for Book Ten:

My characters goes on adventures in this book
I am a long chapter book
I am set in a world full of snow
My story has a lot of vocabulary words
I am a mythical book
The characters have a very magical experience

By Symphonee, Winter, Alex, Keeley and Tian

Clues for Book Eleven:

I am a fantasy novel
I am an adventure book
I have been made into a series of films
My story involves witchcraft
I have many scenes
I have a lot of pages

Clues For Book Twelve:

I have a very long title
One character owns a dairy
The main character loves to eat sausages 
I am a picture book
I have very simple sentences
My characters are mainly dogs

 By Grace, Xaiver, Avishay, Kiri and Hinehou


Saturday, 7 July 2018

Star Students

Congratulations to these hard-working students who have each received an award at our values, senior and whole school assemblies this term. Your focus and commitment has been recognised. 

Ka Rawe!

Congratulations Amy and Alex for receiving the merit certificates at last week's assembly. Keep reaching for those learning goals!  ...